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Sobia Nazir Pre Fall Collection Design 01

127 GBP / In stock.
This product is stitch to order only.
Delivery time is approximately 4-6 weeks.
Following confirmation of payment, we will contact you to obtain measurement details.

The beauty of this order process is that you are able to customise the design to your preference.

Once you have placed your order please copy and complete the below form and email to or Whatsapp 07884417443:

You can also contact us to arrange for a standard size to be stitched - Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

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Custom Measurements 
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Kameez length:

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Sleeve length:
Around bicep:
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Around wrist:

Trouser length:

Any additional accessories:

Polite Notice: Please advise if you are providing body measurements or dress measurements. We will use the above measurements as advised, there may be times where due to style of outfit amendments will be made. You will be advised of this.

We cannot be held to account for catalogue images from designers. We do our best to match all accessories and design however this is dependent on amount of fabric provided and the availability of accessories for example buttons. On some occasions accessories maybe an additional charge and we will make you aware of this.

Some accessories may incur an additional charge, we will advise of this before adding to your order.